Lunch and Dinner sample Menu  

All menus and prices can change at anytime due to our suppliers market costs

If you have a food allergy please inform us, ALLERGY IMFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED BY SPEAKING TO OUR STAFF. We avoid the use of GM food, If you have time constraints please let us know as some choices take more time to prepare and cook 

For special dietary requests, we cook to order and can adjust dishes or offer alternatives

Regards Adrian Smith & Thomas Smith (father & son)

Bar Nibbles
Dingley Dell Sausage Roll Slices with our brown sauce 4.50
Mini Corndogs with Honey and Mustard Mayonnaise 4.50
Dingley Dell Pork scratchings with honey and mustard 4.00 (g)
The MERRY MONK by Adrian & Sons

Seasoned Whitebait Deep-fried w/ Marie Rose Sauce 4.50
Adnams Beer Picked Baby Onions 3.00 (g)
Nocellara Olives with Lemon and Chilli 3.50 (g)
Toasted crumpets with Marmite and mushroom butter 3.50

All starters come with our treacle muffin bread

Chicken Liver Parfait 6.50
cauliflower piccalilli, pickled onions, spiced mango, candid hazel nut, toast (g)

Slow roasted smoked glazed pork belly, 8.50
Crispy hens egg , Malted bread toast soldiers,
homemade brown sauce (g)

Deep fried salt and pepper Chilli squid 8.50
Soya, sesame seed, Sweet chilli dipping sauce (g)

Crispy Peking duck 8.50
Cucumber, spring onion, Hoisin, coriander & mango salad (g)

Gin Home Cured Salmon and Hake 8.50
orange, mint, pink ginger, wasabi cream cheese, pickled cucumber, capers (g)

Macaroni Cheese 7.50
Gruyere cheese, brioche crumb, truffle oil

Truffle orzo pasta with Samphire 8.50
Egg yolk and parmesan

Roasted Tomato Soup 5.50
Malt bread croutons, cheese straw, mushroom dust (g)

Steamed Mussels 7.50/15.50
Cream, garlic, parsley, cheddar (g)

(g) Denotes it is or can be Gluten free

Fillet of Hake with mussels 16.50
spiced cauliflower bargee, potatoes terrine, onions, fish bisque, mussels, lobster oil (g)

Roasted Aubergine, Fregola & Papadella Pasta 14.50
Burnt onion, tzatziki ,pomegranate, mushrooms,
courgette, Honey glazed goat’s cheese

Pan fried potato gnocchi 15.00
Roasted garlic cloves, peas, feta and chilli with rocket salad

12-Hour, Slow-Roasted 3 Cut of Pork 17.50
Pulled pork shoulder, loin and smoked pork belly rolled, pea puree, mash potato, Madeira cream, duck liver pate, mushrooms, crackling (g)

Rolled Breast of chicken with truffle 16.50
Girolle mushrooms risotto, roasted Fregola, cauliflower, parmesan, buttered leek (g)

Fish & Chips 15.50
Crushed peas, tartar sauce, lemon (g)

Slow Roasted Confit Duck Breast 16.95
Burnt sweet onions, Broccoli, Hasselback potatoes, chestnuts , smoked bacon, mushrooms, orange sauce (g)

Smoked haddock linguine Pasta 16.00
Courgette, egg, bread crumb, parmesan and spinach

Bang Bang Duck Salad (or with jack fruit) 16.50
spiced roast Duck with honey, soy & peanut glaze, green papaya, carrot, cashews, noodles & citrus

The Grill
Grilled steaks come with one side dish of your choice, onion ring and field mushroom. The weights of the steaks and burgers are before they are cooked.

284g /10oz Chilli-marinated Hanger Steak 18.50
Lean with little or no fat, large firm grain, marinated with chillies (g)

284g/10oz Rump Steak 20.50
tight grain, juicy, small fat content, flavoursome but firm(g)

623g/22oz T-bone Steak 29.50
A prime steak cut through, and left on the bone, to feature both sirloin and fillet with maximum flavour and exquisite tenderness. Ideal for a big feast, this is one of the most prized cuts(g)

226g/8oz Fillet Steak 28.50
Lean, little or no fat. (g)

284g/10oz Rib-Eye Steak 26.50
Tender, juicy, high fat content, flavoursome(g)

226g/8oz The Monks Hamburger 15.50
Ground brisket and flank of beef with Mrs Temple Blue Cheese,
bacon, tomato, gherkins, crispy onion in a toasted brioche bun and chips

Garlic butter, béarnaise or peppercorn sauce(g) 3.00

Minted new potatoes 3.50(g)
Triple Cooked Chips(g)3.50
Sweet Potato Fries 3.50
Fried Mushrooms, Truffle & Parmesan(g)4.00
Broccoli with hollandaise and crispy onion(g)4.00
Stir-Fry Greens with Chilli and Garlic(g)4.00
Caesar Salad with White Anchovies(g)4.00
Baked Cauliflower Cheese, Dijon Mustard(g)4.00

(All menus and prices can change at anytime up or down due to market availability and with out notices, they should only be used as a rough guide ) 

*Please Be Aware on bookings*

We are now able to track booking sources ip and phone numbers, accurate contact information must be provided.

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We are a passionate family run business devoted to providing fresh,
seasonal and where possible locally sourced food
The food is best described as Modern European / British. The content of the menu changes regularly and as such please note that the menus you see here may not be fully up to date.

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