Government guidelines


National Easing of Restrictions

Changes to the way we do things at

The Merry Monk

From the 19th of July National restrictions are lifting across the UK.  For many it is a huge milestone in our fight against Coronavirus, for others a time of trepidation mixed with cautious optimism.

We want everyone to feel safe, secure and enjoy their time at The Merry Monk Isleham, so after careful consideration have decided to keep many of the procedures we had in place previously, in order to keep our guests and our Staff safe in this transition period. 

There will however be some key changes to the way we do things from the 19th July which are highlighted below.

Hygiene - Restaurant

All appropriate areas will continue to be disinfected with healthcare grade cleaning chemicals, sanitiser and disinfectant spray on a regular basis.

High use areas, confined spaces and key touch points will continue to receive increased levels of cleaning at regular intervals.

Sanitiser stations will still be available at key points throughout the Restaurant, with disposable wipes available at your table for the safety and comfort of our guests.

Table service will continue to be in place.

Enhanced Safety Protocols -

All customer facing staff will continue to wear face coverings unless double vaccinated to give additional peace of mind to all of our customers and to protect each other.

Secondary control measures such as personal protective equipment (PPE) will continue to be in place in the restaurant areas.

Our Guests will receive brand new napkins which they may take away if they wish or they will be disposed of.


Guests are encouraged to use the sanitising gel upon entering the building.

Whilst the wearing of face coverings will no longer be mandatory, in line with government advice, we recommend wearing face masks or coverings in areas of the restaurant where you are in close proximity to guests who are not in your immediate party.


We want to provide an environment of relaxation at The Merry Monk where guests and staff members feel comfortable in their immediate surroundings. Therefore, we request that guests maintain a safe and respectful distance in high footfall areas and that the personal space of Staff is respected at all times.

 We are so pleased to be able to move closer to "normal times" again and thank all those who have supported the Restaurant industry generally during these difficult and unchartered times. We all now need to play our part in making sure those days are well and truly behind us, so we can focus on providing the warm and genuine hospitality we love to provide, now and forevermore.